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Easing Dry Mouth Syndrome

February 18, 2015

At Concord Woods Dental, we see many cases of chronic dry mouth, also known as Xerostomia. It is caused by a decreased amount of saliva production within the glands of your mouth. Most people that experience xerostomia battle it all … Continue reading

The History of the Great Concord Grape

February 3, 2015

Everyone loves Concord grape jam, jelly and juice. In 2015, we’re still proud to say that the popular grape originated here and is named after our historic town. While growing season hasn’t begun in February, the cold weather makes this … Continue reading

Finding Tooth Decay in a Non-Invasive Way

January 26, 2015

At Concord Woods Dental Group, we take tooth decay very seriously. Until the implementation of laser dentistry, tooth decay had to be diagnosed through visual inspection, instrumentation, and diagnostic x-rays. By the time this happened, the cavity had usually broken … Continue reading

3 Best Sweet Treats in Concord: Our Favorite Bakeries

January 5, 2015

There’s nothing like a sweet treat to make your day. During the hustle and bustle of December, freshly baked goodies are the perfect remedy for holiday stress. Homemade goodness from a local bakery offers the perfect way to send 2014 … Continue reading

What to Expect During Your Tooth Extraction

December 5, 2014

Having a tooth removed can make some of our patients feel a little nervous if they’ve never had the procedure completed before. Thankfully, tooth extractions are usually a fairly straightforward procedure when it comes to dental care. Our Middlesex dentistry … Continue reading

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